• shalini_shaw06 32w


    On a windy morning with a Sleepy face and my earphones on
    resting on the seats of the bus
    When my eyes noticed this cute couple,
    one of those couples giving relationship goals
    Playing with each other's hands
    Sometimes cuddling,
    Sometimes just gossiping with their heads resting against the front seats,
    Facing, gazing and smiling towards each other
    Sometimes just having a serious conversation that I got curious about,
    And sometimes just what not,
    This cute couple started letting me imagine
    All these things with him
    Of how we would love each other,
    Of how he would rest his head on my shoulders
    I imagined each and every bit
    That I would do with him.
    Amidst all of these I found myself smiling
    Little did I realise that they have been just my imaginations with my eyes wide open,
    Neither I was that girl nor I had a man beside me,
    To which I decided to sleep
    This time with no earphones on.