• dewofthesea 36w



    The words "thank you" and "I love you" are not enough to express how grateful I am. Thank you, for taking care of me while I was still in your womb for 9 months. Thank you, for providing me all the things that I needed to complete my whole. I breathe the air you breathe. I ate the foods you ate. I heard the music you heard. And we have the same heart beat. Beating like we are only one. Like we are having the same life. Indeed. Thank you, for giving me the chance to be born. To see all these things around me. Around us. To met a lot and different kind of people. Good and bad. Kind and mad. Sad and happy. Alone and many. Because of you, I've witnessed how amazing our life, and how beautiful our world is. Thank you, for the lessons I have learned from you and dad. For the guidance and advice. For loving me unconditionally. For sending me to school. For introducing me the books. My second bestfriend after you and dad. My happiness. The only things I had in the adventure I made. The reason why I have travelled and explored different places and experienced different things that only imaginations can made—where we could only just imagine. The reason why I have this talent to write and to inspire others. Why I am able to write this letter for you. I know, you can't read this in here, 'cause Mirakee isn't your thing and you didn't know abouth this. But thanks for this thing 'cause even in a simplest way, I can express this feeling of mine to you, and the users who are currently reading this will know how proud I am. Even if I can't say it to you personally, at least I had expressed it. I am beyond thankful. You and dad are the greatest gifts I had ever received in my whole life. I love you both. Forever and will always be. Time will come, I will be the one who will be taking care for the both of you. And someday, you'll meet your own grandchildren. The little versions of me.