• jammers 10w


    "You look tired, you should rest"
    Yes I should
    So I'm off to get dressed

    I'm off to go out
    Drown my sorrows and spend a load of cash
    Scream "fuck the world" and for it to say "fuck you" right back

    I'll wake up in the morning feeling anything but rested
    Feeling worse than before
    And then it's back to the drawing board

    "You look tired, you should rest"
    But I can never lie down and unwind
    There's always too much on my mind

    Climate change, diet trends
    Will the world actually end?
    Will I live to see another day?
    Will my anxiety every go away?
    I wonder if everyone else feels this way?
    Did I give someone a weird look today?
    Remember that thing you said three years ago
    Oh god, now I really can't cope.
    Am I good person?
    Am I enough?
    I did give that person a weird look!
    I didn't give my mum a long enough hug.
    Now I can't sleep.
    I've got to be up in less than three hours
    I may as well get up and shower.

    And then finally I manage to drift into a sleep
    A couple of hours over a matter of weeks.

    "You look tired, you should rest"

    I wish I could, but my head is a mess.