• jyotsna_11 6w

    You And Me

    Nothing much has been done too,
    Nothing to hurt someone too,
    But I'm afraid I'll forget who you are.

    Nothing much to push me far,
    Nothing much then who you are,
    But I'm loosing my strength to hold on.

    I know this is really stupid,
    If I could I would shut it,
    But I can't.

    I don't know what I did Wrong,
    I'm just playing along,
    Would you help me a bit?

    I know I'm always sad,
    But somethings need to be said,
    Even if it is annoying to you.

    I try to hold it in,
    Scream just within,
    Within these walls I create.

    I'm scared I'll go back,
    Back to the place that is black,
    Help me stay.

    I don't know what to do,
    Can't ask the closest too,
    I'm scared I'll make them mad.

    I'll run but to what end?
    I swear I just need a friend,
    Someone who will listen.

    But I'm not sure if I will speak,
    Stories of the pain that is in me,
    I'm just too scared.

    Too scared to waste your time,
    With this useless talk of mine,
    "Just go I'll be fine."

    "I'll be fine" is what I say,
    Knowing everything is at bay,
    It's about to burst.

    Sure I understand your pain,
    But don't let mine go in vain,
    You know what to do.

    I just seal my lip at sit,
    My fear became real in just this bit,
    I don't know anymore.

    It's not that I'm sad,
    It the path that I've lead,
    Taking the bullets for you.

    But now that I conclude,
    With words I couldn't include,
    I hope you're doing well.

    I know I'm at edge,
    But don't worry I won't fledge,
    I'll stay here and fight.

    My walls stay up while I stay behind,
    Won't let you read my mind,
    This stays between you and me.