• such_a_shruti 6w

    Then and now!

    A constant of saturday afternoon,
    With clouds blocking most of the sunlight.
    You whispered a confession in my ear,
    Which was celebrated by rains more than me!

    Since then, this was our memory bank,
    Shared laughters, shared silences.
    Baring our souls to each others,
    It had seen everything!

    It was yet another saturday afternoon,
    But there not a single trace of cloud.
    Only whispers I heard were hollow in the winds,
    And only rainfall was in my eyes!

    Though the Sun above was glaring at me,
    I felt so cold.
    This distance from you and emptiness of it all,
    Reminded me of your missing warmth!

    We had built so many memories here,
    Yet everything around abandoned you so quickly.
    I had come to search for you,
    But it seems you are swallowed by the destiny from here as well!