• abhayrao 6w

    Bigger Concerns

    A strangers smile that changed your day
    A familiar touch that made you stay
    A baby's laughter turning noise to hope
    Something synchronous on a slippery slope
    Radio songs that knew what you need
    Unnoticed cuts till you see the bleed
    Neurons in our brain as many as the stars
    Galaxies within, this mind of ours
    Complex thoughts and simple feelings
    As arbit, as broken glass ceilings
    Swayed by momentum, rooted so few
    Altered perceptions of all we knew
    Find joy in the smaller things, leave the rest be
    Bigger concerns are not for you and me
    Blinkered, boxed, bullied beaten bloody
    Blows to the spirit, there are no scars to see
    Yester's martyrs are examples of today
    Statistics aren't sexy, I think I still stay
    Enjoy the moments, relish small freedoms
    Ignore the injustice , embrace the shallow
    Dragging back society into the hallow

    Dress a bit modest, not responsible for my act
    Rapists don't rape, they simply react
    Phobic souls you have options too
    Staying silent was once a virtue
    Trying to imagine a politician spreading love
    Breaking down barriers embedded so deep
    Religions spreading humanity on earth not above
    Moral compass measured, a quotient we need
    Transparency a norm, not something so rare
    So low are expectations, so little do we care
    Wifi and cheap data, bigotry blindness begins
    Stifled by stagnation, we gave them the wins
    Entertainment news, was a segment not description
    Tough questions posed, were to help this nation
    Enjoy the small, but do have bigger concerns
    So consumed in distractions, while it all slowly burns
    Human rights have disavowed us, our cattle is worth more
    Progress all but vanished, nothing real to show
    Lockdown blues and sanity, small joys will help get through
    But this place and it's future, are bigger concerns of yours too...