• hiralved 21w

    Earning members...

    Home economics depend upon the earning member
    Some have 2 where as others have four
    Some are multimillion who have all
    Count of earning members decide the expenses
    The trip they plan on their vacations...

    For a middle class person likes me
    Needs to save a lot before planning
    My father is just a ordinary person
    Yes I dont know his income
    But he make efforts to fullfill our dreams
    Lets start with the cornnato icecream...

    Earning member works like engine
    If any problem arises he appears down as a jin
    Not thinking for himself but for his family
    He strives through thick and thin true but hard reality...

    Middle class people do have big dreams
    But it comes with huge expenses and fees
    Everything is important from butter to cheese
    From owning a house or to be on lease..

    Let a common men be a business person or salaried
    Everywhere money matters because at the end position is tight
    Some things are avoidable but for many we need to fight
    Person who is the ATM at home works day as well as night...

    Very happy to be a middleclass
    We are happy with the flower or even empty vaz
    We believe in utilizing things till the last
    Let it be a pens refil or a single glass
    Iam usually happy in eating that 2 Rs kulfi
    Its more amazing then a chocolate that we use to get for free
    Value your earning member
    Love them infinite and not in numbers..

    A father is a man
    Who never buys clothes fo himself
    Thinking about his children he saves for diwali thinking there might be a sale
    Never catches an auto
    Easily walks down the lane
    Just to keep his family happy
    He takes all the pain
    But iam proud about one thing
    Let him be ordinary, commonman or middle class
    But he is self made
    Its not easy to become earning member
    Its a lifetime responsibility
    Where days cant be numbered...

    Written by
    Hiral Nayna Jayant Ved
    23rd September 2019