• bliss__ 6w


    "It makes them warm-hearted and always up for a good time" - Google
    That's why it's easy for people to be fake to my face

    "Passionate, generous and cheerful, Leos are definitely people you want to make friends with" - Google
    Then why don't I have any friends

    "They consider themselves the centre of attention and indispensable" - Google
    If there's a group of people, you can find me in the corner of the room
    (p.s it actually happened for my brother's marriage)

    "They'll always have your back with their strength" - Google
    Oh! I sure will, but they just tend to turn around n' stabb me in the back

    "They are also determined and their generosity and humour will always ensure they have plenty of friends" - Google
    I want to have friends, but no one wants to be friends with me...
    Well I guess it's just my special trait