• lade_portable 9w


    What to write that hasn't been written before
    We asked for solace we got more pain
    We asked for a shoulder we got nothing
    The night are getting longer
    The thought are getting scarier
    The hashtags are getting harsher
    Where do we go from here
    What do we do with our last breathe
    We are hoping something change scratch that, we waiting for something to change
    Our wait is long and wary
    We looking for strength in everything, like hook up and hang outs
    We trying to love even when we are bad at it
    We breaking each other hearts in the hopes it makes us feel better
    "I'm getting tired" he said, I smiled and thought he was suppose to be my strength
    I lost my faith in love too, I let the tears be solace
    But how long would we cry for
    How long before out heart gives out
    Who is going to save is now cus we losing the will to save ourselves