• pooja17 9w

    Once I met a small boy in
    Ragamuffin condition.
    He used to serve
    Chilled coconut water to
    The needy in
    Hot sunny summers;
    To make them relaxed and
    Soothens their's tensions**
    By forgetting his own pains!!
    When I asked him-
    Why did you been here
    Instead of being in school
    At that age?
    He replied -
    Her mother was not well
    since Long
    &There was no-one who
    looked after us.
    So He had to work hard to
    Be a earner of his family.
    Her mother does a lot for him
    Now it's his turn to give
    Her love;care &affection **
    That's truly incredible.

    This is true humanity
    In which you forgot your dreams
    But become fruitful for someone
    Who needs you that time **