• the_poetry_speaks 6w


    Sounds little imaginatory,
    Believing it isn't mandatory,
    Something for which,
    Everyone's one little corner of the heart awaits for lifetime,
    The souls whom it brought together can properly explain it and define,
    Something that you needed desperately,
    Comes to you and fits you just so perfectly,
    It isn't a one day show,
    Neither a one month too,
    It's a process and test of belive,
    After achieving it, life is something that you relive,
    You wanna get there,
    You wanna hold her hand,
    You wanna get it back,
    You wanna hold him forever,
    Not today not tomorrow but if it's in your destiny,
    One day it will surely be under your knees,
    Trust the process,
    It never fades, it never cheats,
    At last it takes to you to your progress,
    Sometimes leave it to the destiny,
    It takes you to your reality!