• porismita12 5w

    Sleepless Blinks

    Deep dark hours my hazy heart entwines
    Asleep streets when moonlight shines..
    When sandman dreams calls divine,
    Thy sleepless nights I recall lonely time.

    Chaos and cries flutters the blue
    Lonely traveller seeks for the true..
    Gloomy dates and bruises redefine,
    Thy sleepless nights I recall broken time.

    Gone is the spring, green and clean
    Raindrop patters heavy clouds unseen..
    Stormy be my heart but no calmness flow,
    Thy sleepless nights I wait for the sky to glow.

    Desserted pavements and forgotten Dream
    Of night skies and cottons in blue beam..
    When dawness draws orange line,
    Thy sleepless nights I fancy good days mine.