• poemsbysamiya 11w

    Lethargic Lass

    Just being an idle lass,
    Making myself more fussier;
    Couldn’t I have something more funnier?
    From a busy - bee now I’m a dizzy - dee.......!
    Lying on my ‘Royal Mughal Throne’ gives me the comfort of heaven,
    But when an alien knocks my back I usually groan.
    Oh! I’m such a lazy lass,
    What can you think of my routine....?
    Eat, sleep and then as always repeat.
    Okay, STOP!
    I also make ‘efforts’ to lift myself upside down, legs on the wall and my tilted head beneath the comfy cushion;
    Rather than this I don’t have any mission.
    Then, after motivating myself to depart from the ‘heaven’
    Drag myself to do casual chores.
    It’s like there are magical hands that lifts me like the army force.
    Lazy dazy ;
    I couldn’t be anything else but just being simply more crazy!