• samridhithakur 5w

    The best age is which you are in.. ☺

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    You know what? We've always glorified our childhood and wanted to return to our infancy to experience that innocence once again; but do we realise how painful our childhood was, when we had little brains to cope up with the problems? And it wasn't that problems were less intense, for which little brains would have sufficed. No, for me learning a paragraph was a scary job, which now just needs a brief look and things are done. Managing people around me, seemed to be yet another challenge then, but now it's almost like a cake walk. Childhood was either full of confusions or none at all. Everything then, seems to be so messed up; and we like helpless little ones could do nothing. I really pity our situations then. Life has now become easy, sorted, and more clear.

    I myself have been eulogizing childhood for quite sometime, ignoring the fact that maturation gives you the pleasure of experiencing truth and clarity. Francis Bacon has rightly pointed out that "...no pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage ground of truth..." Nevertheless, we enjoy life more CONSCIOUSLY.