• melanimonroe 5w

    False Accusations

    I stood at the table staring my husband in his now God forsaken eyes .A pair of eyes I thought I could see for the rest of my life.Until He cheated .

    "Why",Is all I could manage to spit out.I paced around the kitchen with blood dripping from both of my hands.Wondering if I should pull the trigger on him and end it all.

    "What do you mean why,You cheated first so I had to show you how it felt"He said with no remorse.Me? Is he absolutely out of his mind I would never."Tell me, when did I "cheat" huh, go ahead tell me because this is going to be so extravagant and  I'd like to hear all about it".

    "The man you know the one that you claimed was your brother,I saw how you were around him and it wasn't normal!"." And yet you decided to cheat to take four years of your life and throw it down the fucking drain"

    He sighed all too heavily and said "It Never meant that much to me anyway".The anger inside me grew boiling. I held the gun to his head right between his eyes then pulling the trigger.I threw my head back right before he  fell the last thing I remember is pulling it on myself.