• hridayrana 5w

    You were never really here

    You were never really here,
    Yet I
    Searched for you
    Looked for you
    In this hell of a world
    Filled with greed, lust

    I tried
    I really did
    I am still trying
    To find you
    So, I can finally hold you
    Hear you breathe
    Feel your soul

    I remember those memories that we never made
    I remember your smile
    I remember all those times
    I remember your touch
    I remember everything

    But why do I remember all of this
    You never really existed
    Yet, you are alive in me
    Even though you are within me
    I can’t find you
    I can’t touch you

    I am still searching everywhere
    I know
    You were never really here

    I am looking for a way to connect with you
    To understand those memories
    To understand you
    To see you
    The real you
    Not the you that is in me
    But the you that you really are

    Your voices in my head, I can still hear
    But deep down
    I know
    You were never really here
    After all of this
    After everything
    After I am gone
    After my very existence is noting more than a tombstone

    I will not let you disappear
    And no one will ever say
    You were never really here.