• kalaivani_umapathy 9w

    Covid-19 The crucial time

    It was as small as a spot.It was nothing when it became hot.
    Million times its size was the destruction it made.Once again nature supremacy was laid.
    Each and every one head in his house that was when poverty and famine rouse.These all affected the country's gross
    Which turned over the people's lifestyle just like a toss.
    They could see many of their dear ones die But the only thing they could do is to cry.
    To overcome this mess was a difficult task For which they had to take the aid of a mask.
    Self hygiene was no more an option.Each and every step had to be taken with a caution.
    Doctors, nurses and the cops have never got a chance to take a break.Even when everyone had a nap they had to stay awake.
    Social distancing had to be maintained
    To make sure everyone's health is retained.Cough, tiredness and breathing shortage are a few symptoms along with fever.To make sure you are not a receiver,
    Get away from crowd To make sure you aren't covered by shroud. Make sure you follow the rules As to make yourself safe , they are the tools.
    Make sure you build up your immunity To ensure the wellness of the community.Lets stay united To make sure we are not infected.