• g_panykr 30w

    Fairytales & Life

    ''One must read and grow''- they say.
    But what's left unsaid is: ''but not fairytales''.
    For this world will be a rude awakening for those who grew up believing in the 'Just world', 'love's all conquering presence' or morality as clear as black & white.
    It gives one unfounded expectations... and when things dont turn out as they 'knew it should'.. -people just Crumble; feeling that safe illusion popped by the tarts of ugly reality that life throws at you.
    For they grew up, not knowing that this world of ours- is a messy place.
    A messy place inhabited by broken people, by transforming people...like me and you...who keeps striving to burn a little brighter through the cracks in their self.... and finds fragments of 'the fairytale' in even little things as simple as a blossom.