• starmike 5w

    Welcome to CmuHell

    Where reading for longer hours
    doesn't guarantee success
    neither does reading for short hours

    Where 3 hours before an exam,
    your classmates can send in a 40 page PowerPoint covering topics
    that the lecturer did not teach in class
    with a word saying the lecturer
    laid emphasis on these topics

    Where "las las we go dey alright"
    is a slang used to deceive you
    That things will be alright
    even when you don't do anything

    Where the rate at which we shout "mad oh" to every little thing,
    You would think perhaps the excessive reading has finally driven us nuts

    Where some people will go to hell
    not really because of their sins but because each time they are asked
    if they have read, they reply
    "guy I never read shit oh".

    Where though we are going through Hell,
    We will still find ways to be gaiety.
    Welcome to CMUHell, the abode of Heroes