• tathaa 23w


    We didn't like each other from the start
    I wish it could have stayed like that
    You stepped into our zone out of no where
    I was too reluctant to have you there
    Still gathered myself and we started to talk
    We laughed and giggled to my shock
    Years passed and our bond grew
    I couldn't imagine my life without you

    So, why babyy
    What happened
    I never did anything to hurt you
    I would have stayed away from you if I had a clue
    I was too dumb to realize that u were never true

    You wore your staple black T-shirt the day we met
    You held your mask from falling off very well
    Late nights we talked about our lives
    Held you tight when you hit rock bottom
    Never spared you during the clash of our fandoms

    So, why baby
    What happened
    The minute we crossed paths
    You showed your real parts
    If those words didn't reach me
    I would never know that you were never true to me.