• featherheart 6w

    My solace

    Solace was you..
    When I fell down, hitting the storms of life..
    Was broken in to pieces, and was stattered all around...
    When I shivered in freezing cold wind that blew..
    Lost my voice and stammered when I started to talk..
    Stumbled and slipped when I tried to get up and walk..
    You were my solace....!
    When I was cold and numb in the nights, which were too creepy and dark..
    When I was too scared to close my eyes..and sleep ditched me..
    Your thoughts were my good dreams and the warm blanket..
    And when I was not confident to show my talents, and felt useless...
    Then you became my voice, words and tunes, though I was speechless..
    And...there you stood, like a pillar made of rock..
    Heart was whispering ..my solace..my peace... and my last kiss..!!!