• marbhie718 9w

    Illusions of mine

    I have this feelings inside
    these feelings I'd always try to hide
    no matter what I do..
    no matter what I try
    this fuzzy feeling of mine
    will always remain inside my heart

    whenever our eyes meet each other,
    warm wondrous feelings I'd always try to hide..
    and when I'm with you,time seems to fly..
    I don't know if you recognize,
    I don't sense that way too..
    and I don't know what to do.

    your image never left my sight
    your scent fills my heart inside
    distincntness is in you
    that's why I'm a prisoner of you
    you've chained me deep inside
    and it's you, I will hide.

    though my heart pumps in you
    and told me you love me too..
    no matter how I wish were more than friends..,
    but, that's our fate shall be in the end..
    why did you came and suddenly made me blind..
    blind of the truth that you'll never be mine.

    I can't believe within your touch
    my heart drifted apart..
    and when I hear your voice,
    I couldn't find my own heart.
    then I realized that was all illusions
    all illusions of my broken heart.

    through the years passed by
    my love for you will never die
    though I know you'll never be mine
    and someone might occupied your mind..
    but,you'll be in my heart and in my mind..
    and forever I'll treasure this illusion of mine.