• emmkayy 23w


    You know
    There are days when I look back at our pictures and miss the moments we spend together.
    There are days I wish I still talk to you like we use to.
    There are days I missed the ways we talked about many things.
    Here comes the day where I wish you were the last person I would I ever think about.
    Even if you are the only remaining human in this world I wish I will not come across you.
    I wish all the fake memories will fade away.
    I wish all the fake moments we spend together never exist.
    And I wish the whole fake relationship will be buried deep down the sea.
    Where neither me or anyone in this whole wide world would meet someone like you.
    A woman in disguise.
    A woman who pretends to be someone She is not.
    A woman who does not have her own identity
    A woman who is not strong enough to clean her own mess
    A woman who blames others to make herself the princess..
    A woman who constantly wants to leave in someone's else's shadow