• awishfulmind 23w

    It's funny how we are living a systematic life, we are waking and sleeping at the same time since how long we can't even recollect. I don't understand how people follow these rules and what for? Sometimes I wonder don't people ever think that they are following a time table since the day they came into senses. I mean doesn't it ever occur to live a life without agenda?

    Sometimes one should stop everything and just feel the time and the moments life give us.
    Sometimes one should feel the night and just watch the moon and sky.
    Sometimes one should take some time out and just try counting the stars.
    Sometimes one should just feel the rain and it's smell over land.
    Sometimes one should just stop running and walk in the little moments that life shows us.
    Sometimes we just need to wake up the child in us.
    Because when we were children, we never ever followed rules and time table.

    What would you do with your life?
    What would you do when your hairs changes its colour and your eyes looses its power?
    What would you do when your bone stats cracking and a stick becomes your support?
    What would you do when your grand child will ask you to reside a story?
    You will have money that time but I am sure you will never have stories to tell your grand childrens.

    It's a life so live its every second.

    Because some people like to make money but some people love to make memories.