• beapavlova 5w

    This is a thought to a friend

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    The same story

    I tried to understand you and your love story
    But I can't
    The more I think of you, the more I see you and him, I just can't relate
    How can you sit, listen and keep yourself
    From tearing his eyes out when you found out about him and her
    How can it be so easy for you to keep forgiving?
    I asked you once, twice and you still holding on because you said 'no one could love him like I do'
    I Wonder how in the world you have arrived with such conclusion.
    Well I don't have to be convinced how happy you are
    But it doesn't sit well with me that you made a decision to be with him
    I hope one day I will be able to understand
    Because I just strongly wish you will be free.
    Love doesn't have to be so hurtful