• eternalpoetmona 5w

    The up to dates

    Vanishing flowers, vanishing reeds
    Bottle caps trodden more than seeds
    Hills no green, naked it stands
    Clay not found,streets called land
    And all I can see is a mammoth crowd
    Building stands, no branches and sprouts
    Nothing like big old grounds
    Now within walls, all we are bound
    No huts, no straws
    All catching flaws
    No more can be heard the lullaby of crickets
    No more can be heard the roaring wolf
    And here no firefly dances, when it's dark
    All we are makin' ‘reasons’ to spark
    The melancholyness profound
    The disappearance of smiles
    Stuck within our routined life
    Now no eyes speaks, but only dreams
    And dreams of 'nothing'
    And it's all about our busy schedule
    This we are "THE UP TO DATES"