• arpi3135 6w

    The Path Different !

    They said choose a path different from others,
    You'll be considered special !

    I liked the concept and went on a different path !
    A path, full of hurdles.
    Hurdles like taunts, objections and rejections !

    I was forlorn and disappointed,
    The feeling came to me to return to the path and follow the herd of those dumb people,
    Who themselves are unaware of what they want !
    Their only motive was to think of themselves, earn for themselves and live for themselves !

    But my self dignity of being able to choose what I want,
    Being able to choose a path different from others in which I can be useful for this world,
    Made me stay on my own path !
    As days passed, the hurdles became stronger and stronger,
    I was hurt, the bruises were burning on,
    They tried to crush me, but I stayed, I survived and was certain of what I wanted to do !

    My power to wither everything, scared them,
    They started becoming vincible,
    Slowly but steadily, they pulled their legs out of my matter,
    This gave me a boost, and I raised !
    This path different really made me special,
    For some this special meant that I was acting like those who were specially abled,
    While, some people appreciated !

    Sometimes doing something different is not a crime, it's just your society that will stick to it's stereotype and try to pull you !
    But you just stick to your aim like that chewing gum stuck under the bench !