• shreyah 10w

    ।। I managed not to utter a word,
    For I believe, self-realisation is something, one
    should try on one's own. ।।

    No one gets me better than you get,
    And for you, my idol , I never lost respect.
    But this time, I was reticent and stunned altogether.

    *I know it's vague 'cause I wanted to keep it vague*

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    ।। Should've hurled back abuses for
    the many times I've been hurt?
    Well, I'm not that kind, never will I ever be. ।।

    I did need the answers to the damage I received,
    I know, I should have retaliated in aggression,
    But I was sober, so I camouflaged my emotions.
    ...And, no my dear, I didn't succumb to your suggestions.
    Even if I do feel it all, I don't need your name
    to blame or to mention.
    So , I left without a word but I know,
    I left you with questions.