• abiananthu 30w

    My dearest,
    One of the exquisite gift that Almighty bestowed on me was you,
    From the day I was born you showered all your kindness and affection on me,
    Later one li'l boy shared your affection, ����
    Having said that.....
    You are irreplaceable,
    You are my inspiration,
    This is not a hyperbolic statement,
    I'm not exaggerating your love,
    This is my subtle thought,
    I try not to over-praise you 'coz usually everyone do,
    We knew that we share a special bond,
    We resemble the same both physically and mentally,
    I'm your daughter,
    I always will.
    Longing for your love until death,
    Do not abandon me,
    Live a long, healthy life.
    Be happy always with us.
    Cheer us with your innocent smile,
    May God bless.
    Love you to Infinity and beyond......
    Happy Mother's Day Mamma.
    From your Daughter and Son ♥

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    To my beloved Mom,

    My one and only fairy,