• seiki_kei 10w

    My trust is so hard to earn
    If you have it I suggest you keep it
    If you break it I suggest you watch your back
    For if I give you my trust
    I trust you with my life and then some
    So if you take my trust and you snapped it
    You'll be catching a blade to the neck
    Should watch your back
    And I'll watch mine
    For if you get too close to my line
    I'll make sure you don't see the light again
    People ask why I have trust issues
    Give your friends the trust I give you and then throw it out the window and see how you feel
    And now it's so hard for me to let anyone in
    To those I do
    Just know I don't want to break you too
    When do you hurt me
    I'll hurt you
    So don't break my trust
    That goes for you too
    For this isn't a poem
    It's a threat