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    Happy Independence Day����
    There are so many things about this country that can't be justed captured on pages!
    Yes, there are difficulties
    But no one is perfect
    What we can do is just try to be better and better.

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    Happy Independence Day

    Let's pay tribute to the brave ones
    Who, for good of the nation faced guns!
    Who shed their blood,
    Got buried in mud,
    So that India became a Nation,
    Instilling rejoice and rejuvenation!

    Salute to the ones who protect our country,
    Either from viruses or from invading countries.
    Respect to all those who made the country proud
    By their work that shouts out loud!

    I feel blessed to be born in the land of spirituality,
    Where importance is also given to family!
    From oldest civilizations To strong Foundations;
    From valuable scriptures And yoga,
    To the club soda;
    Yes, We have accepted western practices;
    But we'll make sure that our heritage culture shows no damages!

    The land of colours,
    A home for many scholars,
    With diversity in every aspect,
    We stand together in every subject!

    This may be perfect day to express
    But not the only day to feel,
    Today on the auspicious Day of Independence
    I show my gratitude towards the Nation
    That resides in my incarnation!

    Happy Independence Day