• j_baraka 10w

    The rain is lovely...simply lovely.
    One word that describes the rain to you?

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    Secrets Of The Rain

    Pitter patter
    Drip drop
    Can you hear the whispered secrets of the rain?
    The secrets of a domino love?
    Where she loves him but he loves another?
    Can you hear them?
    "I love the sun
    But he loves her, the moon"
    "But every once in a while
    He doesn't hide when I come"
    "And of the love we carry in our hearts
    Rainbow comes forth, his and mine"
    "Routinely, he hides behind the clouds when I present myself; I ashame him
    Yet have you seen the way he burns himself out just so she, the moon, can shine? He even gives her his light!"
    Can you hear the crack of her broken heart in each drop?
    Can you feel her fury through the storm?
    The flurry of rage as thunder roars and lightning flashes?
    "She, the moon, is at times halved, quartered, or none at all
    But I, I am forever whole, yet he still wants her"
    "He takes the love out of my heart
    To go give it to her, the moon
    And I always let him"
    A broken heart
    A domino love
    The secrets of the rain