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    Lost without my words cannot get them to come.
    Out of my mouth my heart beats faster than ever before.
    Voice come out and speak please stop being silent.
    Eyes met in silents as the wind kept going
    It’s so loud not to hear the rain out here
    Nice to hear someone else’s s heart beating for a while other then my own.
    So calming and fragile like a leaf in the wind
    Inside a tornado taking it to a Stream.
    Dancing in the wind forever more
    EveryTime I see you the rain smells like Cherry Blossoms.
    Time is on our side so thunderstorms go away
    Heart skipped a slowly beat as I grabbed your hand into mine as I kiss your face.
    Even though I hold you inside my arms as it.
    Rain’s thought’s are coming inside my head
    Also will this lasted forever as the smell of rain fill up the inside of my nostrils.
    Inside the house we go all soaking wet as I kiss you inside.
    Nice to know that I have you by my side my love .

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    ♥️Love inside the rain ☔️

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    ♥️Love inside the rain ☔️