• eth_ijy 5w


    My heart raced frantically as I
    anticipated for her response
    My stomach flipped and my nerves
    tingled out loud
    I felt the urgent gush
    of a flood of adrenaline shoot up within
    An ecstatic casualty, a moment's title
    Suddenly I was gasping for air, as pleasure
    rained down on me like confetti
    As I stared at her calm eyes, all I
    could manage was a hesitant sigh
    I felt so wrapped up in the moment
    So tight, but I wouldn't budge, slight
    Was my smile that turned to
    a shy grin, one of realization of alot
    to reveal, ofcourse admirable though
    She never saw it, it was
    My moment to savour
    But the gem made it worth
    Without cutting the thrills embedded
    In the chase.