• juls_ice 5w

    This is not the way I wanted us to be.
    I am so sick and tired of you yelling at me.
    You are hateful and mean
    And everything in between
    I’m so sick and tired of
    The way that you treat me.
    I’m tired of walking on eggshells
    Every time you sneeze.
    I’m tired of walking on eggshells.
    Wish you would just leave.
    You have done nothing but been mean to me
    Hit me,
    Slap me,
    You will never change that I can see.
    This is why I need you to leave.
    I cannot stand the way you treat me.
    Always yelling and screaming...

    2005 ( This one I wrote when I was still married to my Ex. )

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    Walking on Egg Shell's