• royalz_zee 23w

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    Removing me from your closest friends list,
    Avoiding me as if I'm not a human, I don't exist.
    Ignoring me you pointed out the gist,
    Now I can see clearly through this mist.

    Afterall you threw me in this messy twist,
    Never thought you'll be the one that I can't resist,
    Due to my love for you, I couldn't raise my fist.

    Surprisingly I can't stop loving you, I can't desist,
    This would never happen if we never kissed,
    Under that wondrous stary night in the midst.
    Pushing me in the flames, you're acting like a subsist,
    Indeed you cheated on the game of whist,
    Denying the fact that I still don't exist.
    Maintaining the watch I gave you, in your wrist,
    Eases my pain that I really exist.