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    The Murder

    She came in the room with a glowing smile,
    Which changed drastically as it was so futile.
    The charming face suddenly turned into a desperate mess,
    She rushed to that dying soul without even caring about her new dress.
    The tears were rolling down here eyes so steadily,
    Her eyes were haunting as they almost seemed deadly.
    Crimson red was the color of his blood,
    It was spilt all over the floor, it almost felt like a flood.
    His body was stabbed through a countless times.
    It was just like some story which are known as crimes.
    If you're still confused, let me clear your confusion.
    It was her husband lying on the floor and it was not a intrusion.
    As she recalls, there was a butcher knife with blood on their kitchen table.
    The lady confirms that they had a garderner which was not very stable.
    She warned his husband many times as she remind.
    But his husband cared for him, as he was so kind.
    Despite this that gardener kept them in a blind,
    As he never was insane, he had very stable mind.
    The reason behind the murder is still unknown.
    The crime was not something which could be condone.