• issacher 22w

    Pen pal I used to have
    Writing words i knew nothing off.
    English demonized my thoughts..
    Finding words to give the sword.
    To the heads chopping soft.
    Grant that I got an A star plus.
    Egotistic tutor taking all credits..
    A man's world......parasite, patriarch.
    Like a black hole all swallowed in his pride.. this is by design!
    The beast in me is calm now.. an exchange of energy an hour in a day realised my own destiny.
    To wise to be conquered. Be mindful the chains are not visible..
    "The revolution will not be televised" the language will not be heard. To save you as a sheep in a heard.
    So sleep with the spelling spells written in dungeons and pulled out of wells.
    Your programmer already program you.. your screaming is their dream come true..
    Summon the voodoo doctor to check your thoughts that come after. Sanity wearing a sanitary suit. With a psychologist giving you their own nasty truth.
    English for that matter.. turns inside the court house.. your black laws dictionary straight up..
    The bench is not a bench but a stage to perform their tricks... you are the bitch.. you are the trade trading places on the stock market..
    The debt you concurred will love you just like a bird. Singing tweetly keenly always to take your money.
    Please be aware this English you hold so dear this poison that is glows German and Latin... that sour unbearable tongue. That controls the left brain which is neatly slowing you down. #thoughts #inspiration #life #poetry

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