• ankita_singh_1997_ 44w


    He entered her home,
    No less a feeling happier as visiting rome.
    She took the chocolate he picked,
    Then she licked.
    Together they sticked,
    Yes they kissed.
    The innermost layer were removed,
    They came above eachother while staying nude.
    They didnot stop to smooch,
    Later on He tasted her boobs.
    And They made out on the bed,
    Painted hearts red.
    She felt that pain,
    Bt memories she gained.
    They were
    Neck on neck,
    Chest on breast.
    Legs cuddling legs.
    Lips above lips,
    Finally again they kissed.
    No feelings were missed. .
    During making love,
    They finally felt those closest curves.
    Breaths were exchanged,
    Feelings were insane.
    It wasn't just sex,
    Bt feelings on level next.