• premkumar_spatil 5w


    To my former self I write
    A farewell tonight,
    The memories that mattered most
    Are now some phantom ghost.

    And I remember with delight
    Of my strength and might,
    The victories and fellow praise
    And greatnesses of coming days.

    It so happened someday
    Maybe over a period and not one day,
    The strength became a curse
    And the sword cut it’s master adverse.

    Bled to dispassion and indifference
    Failure became a common occurrence,
    The darkness knew no brevity
    And each day felt like infinity.

    The pain took ages to abate
    As the mind yearned victory’s weight;
    And then came the ‘spring’ of realisation,
    There is more to life than victory’s materialisation.

    Now, I no longer wield the sword
    But walk plainly on battle’s ford,
    The life seems an abundance of possibilities
    Victories and strengths are no longer realities.