• lucas1993 10w

    Mumble Rappers

    As i begins this
    I get rather nervous
    I write on a loose leaf
    Just to show what my truth is
    Every word thats place is deadly just like a snake is
    Im doing my due dilligence
    Taking it day by day showing my patience
    Dont need people to look at me like im on social media just to check out my status
    Just being me is how i get notice 
    Im a grown man watching all these other men acting like delinquents.
    They getting the cars, the girls, and the drug money. Not jealous.
    I just rather not be looking over my shoulders asking where the police is
    I keep to myself so don't ask me what it do or what it is.
    I show u no importance.
    Matter in fact please get me angry so i can show you whos the beast is
    and i can leave u faceless.
    Pound u viciously you over and over with extreme prejudice.
    I am not a muslim nationalist nor do i act first with violence.
    I learn from the black idols of marcus and the malcolm x's of the world that i search for meaning and purpose
    Keep a calm head and know that i am not priviledged not taking anything for granted but i hear the older generation finds us a nuisance
    At the same time i have an older soul so idk where my time frame is.
    My taste in music has never changed but while growing up the music changed.
    It was tastelss
    The bars were weak and became meaningless.
    Every rapper just blah blah it was a fucking annoyance.
    Went back to old school where i knew they were lyricists.
    They put the word art into artists.
    Every rapper were different and showed their own cadence.
    See thats my fault im stuck in the past because i like to reminsce.
    And i dont mean to throw a diss
    to these new rappers
    but to these mumble rappers
    I'd like to say you are great actors.
    You should all acheive an award at the oscars.
    I wont even put yall into my playlist. Getting me mad that they get all the attention due to their publicists.
    And all i see is that they boost the influence of ignorance.
    Everyone of yall should be afraid cause ill be one laughing when yall are wiped from existence.