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    Without a second thought
    I jumped off the mountain top
    As i felt energy surge through my form
    Aligning me with what was to come
    As i and the moment became one.


  • 18b5c76a577533d5e7f9eeec13c4c38a miss_mystery 2h

    Without a second thought, she decided to give it a try. She was the kind of girl as delicate as a flower yet as strong as a diamond. On the other hand, he was cold blooded and bland. The vibrant girl wished to find the reason for his frozen heart.

    She believed that there is something beautiful behind the heavy layer of frost. So she decided to unveil him. Her warmth started to melt his heart as the creamy butter melts slippery in the hot sun. Do you know what she found inside him?

    It was a vivid picture of his mom hugging him with a bright smile on her face, inscribed deeply in his heart. That's when the robotic human opened up his scars to her. She caressed them gently like a peacock feather dipped in honey.

    She understood that those were the presents given by his father when his beloved mom was crushed by his own father's hand in front his eyes. Too much of pain can result in numbness. The numbness over years turned into coldness.

    But now it's a different story altogether. She embraced him like a mother embracing her loving son. That's what he longed for all these lonely years. Nowadays they're both shining and spreading warmth melting all the frost they come across.

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    Show Yourself

    Robotic frost
    melts when you
    present yourself

  • Missing0 harmonytree 2h

    The storm

    The leaves start to russle ,
    As the wind begins to spin,
    Picking up momentum,
    The wind begins to sing,
    And the energy flows,
    As angry as it is,
    Collecting the values of your soul,
    Like a spinning wheel,
    The tension has been manifesting,
    Along a winding track,
    Gathering alot of voices,
    Getting ready to attack,
    The wind is now screaming,
    Hundred miles per hour,
    The egg shells have cracked,
    From the wind,
    And it's angry power,
    As it moves towards,
    Collecting every construction,
    Along the windy road,
    The windy road of destruction,
    The hurricane hits, It hits real hard,
    Will you survive, should you pull a card,
    How long will this last, a day or a week,
    No one know's, that's the secret,
    As the days go roughly by,
    A path of destruction ,
    You cannot lie,
    It slowly calms, and good days are ahead,
    But the destruction can take years to mend.

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    10) And most importantly, don't let the fear of rejection deprive you of your peace in your life. Don't hesitate to reach out to your partner after a conflict, whether it has been resolved or not, the conflict is not more important than your spouse, is it? Then why do we follow the ego's lead and delay the reconciliation. The longer you take to heal the wound, the longer the scar will remain. Remind yourself that this is what unconditional love means. To reach out even if your ego hates it. Because your partner is far more important to you than the conflict or the ego that feeds on it. This is what will build your marriage back even if it's fallen apart, no matter how many or how bad your conflicts happen to be. Conflicts can never be avoided, you have to let them pass and let the sun shine on you again.

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    What should I do


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    Amoir, love, first love

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    // Picture

    If love is a thousand brushstrokes
    Take my hand
                                        Lets paint a picture




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    Without a second thought...

    I gave you a second chance
    So we can spend every second
    Of our tomorrow together.