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    "No, don't drink that!", she screamed. But we both were too tired and thirsty to resist. She stared at the empty bottle and ran out. We looked at each other and realised that our bodies turning into something different. We were growing hair on our bodies rapidly, we were getting claws and suddenly we both turned into wild gigantic werewolves. Our rage was not in our control. We ran out too but without aim or destination. Even though we were wolves, we have the sense of who we are or were. We calmed down after running a while in the wild forest. We came to full senses and realised we need to have a magic potion to turn back into ourselves. We understood we need her back to help us. So, we searched for her with the senses of wolf and found her. At first she was scared and hesitant to come with us to help but then she realised that we were friends. We went to that old witch's house again. While searching for potions, she found a recipe book in a shelf. She opened the book and found the recipe. But it took really long time to find all the ingredients, meanwhile the old witch came back. They got panicked hid behind a gaint cupboard sort of thing. But the witch could sense that someone is messing up with her magic potions. She closed her eyes and laughed, then looked at the gaint cupboard. And started walking towards that cupboard then suddenly she heard a rustling noise the other side and went there thinking that we escaped. Soon our friend prepared the magic potion to turn us back into human and we drank that. We turned into humans within no time and we escaped from there.


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    ...and they realised that
    magic potions ain't
    soda pops to drink..


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    I would like to think that when I die
    I’ll leave my mark somewhere
    That I’ve touched someone’s life
    Or someone’s heart
    And made a difference
    That when I gave my love to someone
    They kept it and treasured it
    And didn’t just throw it away
    A little piece of me to remind them
    That I was here
    I lived and loved with all my heart
    That my life wasn’t just an existence
    A brief moment in time
    And that I meant
    Something to someone
    But are we all
    Just fleeting moments in time
    Did I ever truly mean
    Anything to anyone
    Has what I’ve done
    Or how l’ve lived
    Or who l’ve lived
    Made any difference at all
    Like footprints in the sand
    Will the memory of me
    Be washed away by the tide
    Leaving no marks on the shore behind
    Will anyone even remember that
    That I was here
    Or will no one even notice
    That I’ve gone


  • 783841eb0f4ec4867543d287c454695c simplicityy 8h


    The secret you thought
    is hidden wanders
    in your eyes.

    You demeaned yourself
    to short pleasures, wisely
    turn the table around
    and cover your deeds with
    with sugarcoated words.

    You reciprocated truth
    with lies just to have a
    glimpse of it, your pasts
    are as dark as your skin,
    bitter, brutal, unheard of.

    The secret you thought
    is hidden is written on
    the walls of karma.


  • 56963774aced7929803c3e1717bdf253 unfelt_moments 8h

    Few last words.

    I wish to disappear,
    with no intention of coming back.
    Would you miss me ?
    I hope that you don't.
    Few paragraphs of your
    tale don't make a complete
    Story. Treat me like those
    words, you once erased for good.
    A part of me will always
    Wish to say a good-bye.
    So here it is a - good-bye,
    Its all yours to keep.
    Keep it safely, be its custodian.
    One fine day, I'll ask you to return it.

    I know that you are fast asleep.
    I just came back to catch a glimpse
    Of your innocent smile.
    I walk away,
    hoping that you would
    stay the same.
    Once I get back, I'll love
    to hear how you spent your days.
    I'm moving away not
    knowing where the
    paths take me. Hoping
    that they will cross over
    once again in this life time.
    I plan to keep my memories alive,
    Praying that you will do the same.
    Keep "us" somewhere between
    "Me" and "you".
    I'm moving on,
    wiping away those emotions
    that I once felt.
    Hoping that we meet again
    just as old friends.
    The tea is warm
    and sweet, just the way
    I like. I've kept it by your
    bed side hoping that it stays
    Warm with the approaching
    rays of dawn. Hope that it reminds
    You of my absence.
    With these words
    I bid you a last good-night.

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    Falling rather quick,
    Deep into the belly,
    of the empty well I sit.

    Hitting rock bottom,
    No place to go,
    Sitting, completely, utterly alone.
    Gathering my thoughts,
    I realized,
    I was going no where,
    wasting my precious time.
    I knew I had to make a change,
    Thinking to myself,
    What could I do,
    to get out of this empty well?
    Sitting there exhausted,
    Holding in the tears,
    silently, waiting for them to appear.
    As the tears fell,
    More kept coming.
    All the emotions,
    choices, and,
    That brought me to this place.
    Releasing all of it,
    Opening the floodgates.
    Rising slowly,
    up and out,
    Presently sitting on the ground.
    Processing the pain,
    the well overflowed,
    I swam in my tears,
    Healing my soul.


  • 9e80939322aa3c5632eb35f8c6777417 cynteevickswrites 8h

    In the mind of a broken soul
    Sadness echoes.


  • 2cbd569bf13a3120f88c4b1d3fbf7faa alisdaire_ocaoimph 8h

    Cry out

    That I jot
    Where words
    Within fly
    Like particles
    Of my being
    That in the moment
    Swarms existence
    And I engaged
    Deep to it's fancy
    Hear it's voice
    That echoes within
    Screaming to be
    Longing to reach
    Out where eyes
    May see and one
    May hear a soul
    Weep deep
    It's being, it's hunger
    And tossed upon
    It's emotive spirit
    I cry out
    It's words

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph