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    'Springtime Soot'

    Busy buzzing bees pollinate plentiful plants.

    Puffy plant proboscises persist to pester, per propinquitous proliferations of perky plant pistils pouting profusely with ponderous plumes of pollens purposely producing presently pronounced piles of pesky pollen puddles.

    Busy breathing bountiful buds bursting with blankets of boundless botanical byproducts of benevolent budding blossoms by vexing with a viral vengeance of potent pollutants to persist in potential pollinations; plainly pestering the passing populace.

    Saturations of seedy springtime soot seriously stresses sensitive schnozzles. Suffering sinus stuffiness seems so stressful since a strained septum certainly sets sensations of stubborn symptoms so stifling that snorts of snot should be slightly sniffled or seriously sneezed so certain situations should soon settle.

    Perplexing predicament; perhaps?

    Particularly passionate patches of petalled poppies, purple pansies, pink posies & prickly pines predictably participate in promoting this primary procreative purpose.

    Tissue toting turns tempting to anticipate apprehending annoying and occasional 'achoos'!

    ~ an EWK alliteration Poe'em ©ericwk

    Photo from Pixabay
    (an alliteration creation inspiration situation)

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    'Springtime Soot'


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    The past tries
    To catch up
    It tugs away
    At memories
    You had wanted
    To believe
    You had left behind.

    The last time
    I saw you
    You wanted to
    Go away
    Cry in peace
    Sit in silence.

    You wanted to
    Believe, that there
    Was a place
    Away from the city lights
    Where you wouldn't
    Face a reminder
    Of all the
    Promises you
    Failed to keep.

    You wanted to
    Meet strangers, talk
    With them while
    Downing tequila shots
    And not feel
    Guilt building up
    Like plaques
    Within your arteries.

    You wanted to
    Smile, if only
    For a few seconds
    And know that
    It meant something
    That is wasn't
    Just a pair
    Of incisors
    Hiding behind plastic.

    Today, I stand
    Outside in
    The pouring rain
    Wondering if your​
    Chameleon soul had
    Found the peace
    You craved with
    Such a ferocity.

    Somewhere in this
    City that we
    Have come to
    Call home
    I hope that
    You are watching
    The same rain
    Smiling at strangers
    And daring to
    Dream again.

    - Avitaj
    Picture credits- Sean Kernan

    @greypages_ @dopamine @vanshikatandon

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    The Past

    Go away. Cry in peace. Sit in silence.

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    She picks those delicate threads
    Weaving them intricately ,she embeds
    Onto them those sparkling pearls and lace
    Giving her work a beautiful face.

    She sweats for it all night and day
    With injured fingers to portray
    The masterpiece for which she strives
    The vibrant fabric of your life.

    Her heart bleeds every time it tears
    Every new day her eyes are filled with fears
    With trembling hands full of pain
    She protects her art from becoming vain.

    She sacrifices alot to create an art
    Playing skillfully various parts
    Of tailor , painter and designer
    She creates your life 'cause she is your mother.

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    Threads and fabric

    Over a billion heads and a vast country
    over a billion heads joined by tender yet firm threads
    Threads of love, affection and compassion
    threads which are beautiful and colourful
    Colourful customs, diverse traditions
    colourful festivals, beautiful celebrations
    Celebrations huge and lavish
    celebrations small and simple
    Simple food, simple needs, simple homes
    simple lifestyle and high thinking
    Thinking that has kept us together
    thinking that has helped the country survive
    Survive despite aggressions and attacks
    survive despite invasions and diseases
    Diseases capable of destroying us
    diseases lethal enough to corrode our system
    System that is not corruption free
    system with lacunae and loopholes
    Loopholes that render the system ineffective
    loopholes that prevent us from flourishing
    Flourishing and prospering in the current era
    flourishing and staying strong in crises
    Crises which are destructive and depressing
    crises capable of pushing a country into bankruptcy
    Bankruptcy leading to total collapse
    bankruptcy resulting in dependence and slavery
    Slavery can be physical and mental
    slavery can be political and economic
    Economic slavery can be worse than physical...
    economic slavery means submitting to big players
    Players desperate to control the globe
    players striving to enslave the weak and helpless
    Helpless, starving and miserable
    helpless, luckless, despondent and poor
    Poor countries can improve their situation
    poor countries can prosper by working hard
    Hard work with honourable intentions will pay
    hard work will help us stay strong
    Strong we can become if harmony is maintained
    strong we can remain if we stay united
    United, we stand; divided we fall
    united, we will be a force to reckon with
    With our vast manpower, we can work wonders
    with our will, grit and dedication, we can prevail
    Prevail and lead the world by example
    prevail if we have a strong social fabric
    Fabric of humanity must not be allowed to snap
    fabric of secularism will help us grow as a nation

    Image credit - Rightful owner

    @writerstolli #writerstolli @writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee #yaminiread #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #fabric #wordsblitz_wt

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    Prevail and lead the world by example
    prevail if we have a strong social fabric
    Fabric of humanity must not be allowed to snap
    fabric of secularism will help us grow as a nation

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    I stare at the blank screen in front of me which states 'No Editor'. I ruminate the couple of words again. Akin to a mauled animal, my inner voice yells, "How dare you declare that there's no editor when I'm sitting just IN FRONT OF YOU!"

    Then strangely it tries to calm itself and recalls the earlier days when my pen danced all over the paper making posies after posies. Everybody gave standing ovation day after day. The credit goes to the shimmering dress that dazzled in the reader's eyes. The fabric of poetry was spun out using the red thread which connected me with you.

    You... Just the thought of you stirred up the insides of my stomach, it might be the butterflies as the world says. And I inked the feeling of floating on the water and gasping for air simultaneously. I'm not sure if I dived deeper and deeper or you pulled me again and again. Whether it's ecstasy or melancholy, I'm glad that I felt something and your love flowed through my pen ceaselessly making people drunk on my words just like the way I got drunk with your lies.

    Your decision to walk away from me was contagious I guess. Because when you disappeared slowly, the words also faltered and they renounced me one day. Incredulously I wringed the language, (the same language which expressed me completely) desperately to get a sip of alphabets at least. After pouring out all the agony of missing you, nothing was left, not even a single drop of emotion.

    Every writer's nightmare happened in my life. And even then, I couldn't feel a thing. There was no more red thread to weave the fabric of poetry as it was cut brutally and abruptly. And without that cozy thing, people were no longer warm. Perhaps it was their coldness which made me numb. No, I'm not blaming them, now a days I'm blaming me for anything and I've become a drunkard who dropped off the beautiful poetry... It would be apt only if the statement is corrected, as it was poetry who disavowed me.

    Just like you, the words too abandoned me. People say that it's writer's block but I think it's fate's mock...

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    Just like you,
    the words too
    abandoned me.
    People say that
    it's writer's block
    but I think
    it's fate's mock

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    I stared at the blank page
    and wished that words
    would tap on my shoulders just
    the way they did before.

    I wished to embellish the
    inanimate fabric of my life,
    but somehow I had lost the
    yarn of words.

    I tightened my grip
    on the quill and hoped
    that it'd bleed, just the way
    it did before. But it didn't.

    It felt as if the ink in my veins
    had dried up and that typewriter
    in my brain was running out of

    I stared at the blank paper
    and realized that I felt the same
    from the inside : empty.



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