• 1b7853751287623568d5b01950207c85 sereiin 2h

    On the rusted books of melancholy
    I find your rose hidden in distress ,
    They seem to lose their beauty
    But the thorns still hurt.

    In all the books of hope,
    I still paint a picture of the rose living through love,
    It's still shines white to the sun
    And states the peace between the two.


    Not sure about this one.

    @sourav27 @seyfert ��

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    The feeling for longing of an absent something or someone that you love but might never return.

  • 0962ea30a2cc7b74100544d319e22dd6 jarraley 2h

    Sunshine leans into me
    Warm against my soul
    Reaching my innermost core
    I bend for the wind
    And kick intentional the tide
    I'll not risk to be compromised
    And caution my doubt
    Integrity with honour
    Fragility found futile
    When humility is key
    Opening closed doors and rusted padlocks
    There is beauty in every shade of grey
    Only rain brings the flower's bloom

    ~ J.A.K
    ~ 06.06.2020

  • E106b46a05146391bcfd2235effc236f therightkindofmisfit 2h

    I used to think that art is a profession people choose when they have nothing more concrete on their agenda

    Till the time I realised that people choose anything but art when they have nothing on their agenda.

    I used to think that art is a solution to monotony

    Till the time
    I realised that for some it is a treatment, a therapy, a medical prescription, a coping mechanism, a necessity, a compulsion.

    I used to think art is dressing up in red for your date

    Till the time
    I realised that it is falling off the terrace of your lover just to catch their glimpse on your way down.

    I used to think art is well behaved rain that falls so immaculately on your window tip

    Till the time
    I realised that it is the acid rain which drowns entire cities.

    I used to think that art is what people make on papers, on canvases, on stages

    Till the time
    I realised that it is that poet who died when he drunkenly attempted to grasp the reflection of the moon in the still waters of a lake.

    I used to think art is like buying the entire stationery to create art

    Till the time I realised that it is Vincent Van Gogh drinking yellow paint to make sunflowers.

    I used to think art is knowing when exactly to stop writing a poem when it reaches the crescendo

    Till the time it became metromania- the compulsion to write poetry, marking the atlas of my existence with crosses of fire.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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    A R T
    I used to think that art
    is something
    that hangs on white walls
    of high end galleries,
    which rich people with
    empty eyes, observe.

    till the time
    I saw you write poetries
    for free,
    even when nobody was
    reading them, on edges
    of the newspapers
    with Bukowski
    like obsession.

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  • Bb49d7b3ce209304e148d7b910175ece unhinderedwriter 10h

    I imagine an excellent education:

    When education becomes the new and foremost religion;
    Where heads, heart and hand unite for the enlightenment;
    Where educators and students are equal partners;
    Twosome uncovers shells (of learned or comfort) of each other;
    Educere (Latin root: to Draw out) the innate potentials of students: The Prime Aim.
    Students are given amplifiers to exercise their real voice;
    Where classrooms go shorter in compare the massive possiblities;
    Where twosome climb over the narrow domestic walls;
    Where education's outcome lies not in the earnings;
    Where education is more of a lifestyle;
    Where learnings forms all destinies.


  • 80cb883084dea9284194c476a1201682 _b_lankspacee 10h

    Dusted pages of my dairy,
    Scream to be glimpsed,
    Screamed to wipe the solid and permanent marks,
    That my pearl drops had once decorated the pages with.
    I want to go back,
    Mend all the crumbled pages of that dairy.
    I want to make those pages,
    Dance in embrace.
    I want to make those pages proud,
    As they resemble my darkest days!
    But I can't do that,
    Because you fit perfectly in those broken pieces,
    And in those damaged pages.

  • D8f5976043dac3512e6bcb820072a43a poetessp 10h

    Baring your heart and soul takes courage
    Take risks instead of locking it up in a cage
    You’ll get what you need if not what you want
    It’s better than living with fear that haunts
    Everybody’s winging it,nobody has a clue
    One life to live , so be unconditionally you.


  • 7e550db9571744d549c4629db2cb2369 redtoraven_99 10h

    Read about light years and stars. ✨

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    Light Years

    I remember
    Lying on my back
    Staring at a bejeweled pitch-black sky
    Reflecting a piece of the Milky Way
    Being 25,000 light years from its rim

    By the way,
    One light year is about 6 trillion miles

    There's Proxima Centauri
    4.24 light years or
    24.94 trillion miles away
    From the sun
    Which is 92, 955, 807 miles away
    From Earth

    There's Alpha Centauri
    With the nearest stars to Earth
    4.37 light years or
    About 25 trillion miles away

    How they still sparkle and shine
    Though so far away in miles
    Is a wonder for another time

    But their vast distances symbolize
    A love that is just as wide
    A love as magnificent
    As these balls of gas in the night
    A love enough to outshine
    Any imperfections we see in our lives
    Believe even when you may not
    See with your own eyes

    So may you keep in mind
    The Creator loves you
    As great as the number of light years or miles
    Between Earth and the stars in the night

  • 8bab49f2de10d8fc3048f2e3533eede0 backstorypoetry 10h

    Past, Present and Future are the three parts of the same book.
    Past which never leaves you.
    Present which you are reading.
    Future which you are going to read soon.
    Sometimes you do need to go to the past in order to find out what was Missing, inorder to correct it in present.
    But you cannot move into the future neither in a book nor in life without going through what's in present.
    Past is meant to improve your present by finding what you did wrong back then.
    And as for future you got to do everything in present perfectly to have a better future.
    That's life.
    #past #present #future #live #die #success #failure #win #lose #love #life #happiness #sadness #happy #sad #weak #strong #easy #difficult

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    PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE cofactors of life
    Cofactors help to go through reactions happen in life
    Life may not be easier but not tougher. [1]
    PAST cannot be altered
    PRESENT must be handled
    FUTURE reports be visualised.[2]
    PAST can never bring up happiness
    Reason for it was you didn't utilize PRESENT
    FUTURE will get ruined due to regrets.[3]
    PAST is history, can be a lesson
    PRESENT is magical, time for trials
    FUTURE is mystery, shows results of trials.[4]
    PRESENT is the main power
    PAST is the backup power
    FUTURE is the result of power.[5]
    Utilising PRESENT gives FUTURE results
    Stop regretting about PAST


  • 71337848b7c1105db5ba20d3a16faaf1 secret_letters 1d

    I think it takes a little bit of more time
    To shake out of yourself and to peel off
    Those decade old stains from your skin
    You gave me no reason but I know what it is
    Some memories need to burn before they pile up in heaps.

    I've seen the types of colors you seek
    And mind you, a few of them I've tried
    to paint myself with;
    But you never saw the nights I faked
    to be okay
    And I've never told you about the
    monsters that hide underneath my bed
    You see, you can never settle for grey
    What can I do, when my surviving
    depends upon being insane?

    Two, three glasses never downed out your voice
    Five, four shouts never filled this silence
    Six, seven rounds couldn't fix this mess
    Eight, nine laughs never sounded easy
    You feel it yet? Time still loves those playdates
    Breaking your heart, playing with your head.

    So where do we end up at the end of
    this broken lane?
    Where can we escape to with all of
    our highs and lows?
    I know we were the melody from a
    broken radio from the time we met
    Cities have fallen apart, towns have
    been painted red;
    I know you don't like dead roses but
    I'm always covered on them.

    Wearing some colorful clips in my hair
    Jiggling sparkling bracelets with a fancy skirt
    Lined mascara and crimson red lips
    I've dressed up those beauty on me
    Is that what pretty being looks like?
    Is that what you saw in me that night?

    Now that you know, are you finally
    afraid to never see the light again?
    Are you finally afraid of the deadly
    gravity around me?
    You see, some lovers are never
    meant to be,
    Some feelings aren't just supposed
    to be and;
    I'm already so tired of people leaving
    So I just keep my door open with the
    exit sign flashing
    You see, I knew you'd leave too.

    Old stuff. Wrote this when I was in class 6.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #quotes #writerstolli #readwriteunite #julietscorner #my_diary_thoughts #n_zaara

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  • 02fcbf125184c8af204dcdf6b63f936d siziscribe 1d

    The letter

    Dear humans,

    I drink gallons of poison everyday,
    so that you don't have to drink them.
    I rip my skin off to teach you reading and writing.
    I burn in the scorching heat,
    so that you can rest in my shade.
    My child,
    I feed you, nourish you, protect you,
    Yet you kill millions of my other children every year.
    I am a mother to all
    and i need to love all of my children equally.
    It's time now,
    to punish you for all the wrong deeds.
    Stop slaughtering me in the name development,
    else i will have to give you away from my lap.

    Your mother nature.