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    Like a snail I sheild myself with the shell of insecurities.
    I doubt my strength could help me.
    The fears of trusting hovering around my head like a vulture around a carcass.
    I can't help but abstain from my happiness just to be safe.
    Stop giving me the high hopes...I know I will get broken again.
    If I give you a chance you will break me and shred my pieces.
    You might care but I don't wanna try.
    Insecurities mare me of joy... leaving me sober.
    And no matter how I try to be better..
    I end up going back like the tides.
    Some think is deliberate...but that's what my heart turned into after several wounds and no healing.
    Don't bother helping out...I did take what life gives.

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    It's an ordinary day, until a thought crosses your mind.
    A thought that just came out of nowhere, a thought that will wreck your day. You try resisting hour after hour, then minute after minute and dropping the period to second after second until there's no more sufficient time to transit your thoughts. Abruptly you realize you're entirely immersed in the affliction of that certain thought. There's no way to evade but to perceive it.

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    Waiting For The End

    I was walking by the moonlight
    Soaking in the silvery light
    Blending in with the darkness
    I was waiting for a sign.
    A sign from the divine
    A signal to survive
    The stars my only guides
    My protectors and my mentors
    My spirit elevated towards the sky
    A voice in my head asked me
    How will I survive
    Terrified and weak
    I kept walking in defeat
    Waiting ...
    I stopped and realized
    The answer in my mind
    I was born a survivor no need to fantasize..
    Only I can save myself from the cold and this world...I was my own savior .
    From each pain that I endured ..
    I was the only one ...listening to my cries ... I was the only one picking up the pieces from my broken heart..Stop waiting..and wasting your time..
    It's time to survive...be your own saviour.
    The night embraced me and healed my fear
    I was saved ...as I closed my eyes...

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    Yes we aren't the same,
    neither in loud music
    nor in days of heavy rain.
    we look for the rainbow
    in the baddest greys.
    we walk miles with the
    interrupting life plays.
    In the awful mornings
    we fight the anxiety
    to the moon & back
    we chose pain over pity.
    We smile and smile wide
    even in the bursting tears
    yes it is tough to do the same
    but we overcome our fears.
    Neither of power nor of swords
    no we aren't fighter of any war
    but our generation has layers
    of dreams in heap of scars.
    We aren't you but only us
    yes it isn't easy to fail & fall
    don't blame for the same
    for we are up to life's wake up call.
    In the nights of break & ache
    we carve moments with glass of wine
    don't blabber to judge O thee
    one day we'll be satisfied & fine


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    "Neither of power nor of swords
    no we aren't fighter of any war
    but our generation has layers
    of dreams in heap of scars "

    --and darling they still say :
    " today's generation is not
    the way one should be "


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    "The winds are his breath,
    and the sky is his mood
    his playground is called earth,
    he got silence as food.
    He just sit back there and watch,
    eating his food served on patience
    he feel all the emotion and match
    in his mind of peace and benevolence.
    He is fond of playing,so he made colors
    every color is an emotion of heart,
    love,hate,anger,fear of many flavours
    with time they are splashed apart.
    And what we are ? his destiny's child
    chained with stories in open rain
    as we live,we walk,we just build
    an moment of laughter and pain !"

    "This Poem tells us the story of mankind,how we all are his(God's) favorite passtime,his characters and bucket of colours..."


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    Dark the night smothers
    Draws in the last drop of light
    And sucks the warmth away
    I dream here, delve into the states
    That ravish my mind
    Beguiles the soul
    And lingers like a heavy breath
    Upon the deep silence.
    I hear within the distant rumble
    The lightnings streak
    That breaks the depths of the void
    I see the twirling stars
    Fling upon the winds
    Summoned by the wrath, the cries
    Of thousands of voices
    Screaming the horrors that a night sustains
    Draws in vain and yields those beings
    Those devolved entities deep within.
    Dark vibrations sweep those chambers
    Where the mind grasps and holds
    The chaos within, the great sin
    The tormented moment
    We fail and die.
    Is there ever a moment, drawn
    The torment engulfed , sucked
    That a soul can grasp its image
    Perceive the light within itself
    And looking out break into the darkness
    Like a bright new dawn.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph

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    Betrayed by life

    ................Based on a true life story...................

    Wish only for a listener, to pour my pain in his ears
    For unspoken rules are like deep burning secret
    Life has it law, the lessons are not to be loved
    The pain that I hate, is what I only have to offer
    Behind my numerous laughter is a lonely heart
    But, a man must prove his worth to kill his doubt

    Few friends but my fears are my only enemies
    Those who read have their guilt heavy to plead
    A heavy lump in my heart, a laughter in my face
    Age seems to eat me slowly, my aim is in a maze
    Why do you mistake my happiness for laughter?
    No more tears, else the earth will me a coward

    Music shredding my eardrums, all for my peace
    Even bitterness promised to dispossess my soul
    In the cadre of life, I seek to sing the song of war
    The ladder is shaky, peace is just a faceless wind
    Life gave me hope, a clueless map, I couldn't cope
    My pen shed deep tears, more pain to come

    A thousand laughter from a lonely heart
    Yet, I am glued by the betraying gesture of life
    My esteemed pain is a blessing of happy irony
    In darkness, my soul quests for deeper peace
    A mind with a thousand thoughts on a weak soul
    Every secret of my heart is just a priceless rag

    A lump in my heart, death try to seek and pick
    Love from the scratch, deeper peace fumes
    A teeth grinned from a fading lonely heart
    Smiles and excitement, the thought are betrayed
    Logics and emotions abandoning my inner self
    The remains of an empty soul with a rare ego


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    Am making an extremely late arrival, I only pray I won't be kicked out, didn't want to miss this, and I wouldn't be at peace unless it's submitted, I hope am pardoned.

    The line - "There's someone in my head but it's not me" credited to George Roger Waters.

    My gut is frozen and twisted
    They come for me all prepared
    My shrieks are seized and outwitted
    They say my skin is a sin to be abated

    I am kneaded in the corner
    Decked between the pawn and the prankster
    The joke is on me and the rory color
    They say the rumor is out, about a blackish odor

    My mouth gags to an internal executionary
    My head is a bowling droff for attery
    My neck is nosed to a sunken ancestry
    They say vassal brass is a voguish jewellery

    I am an attenuated runner in an abaft race
    I am a pendulous yoyo, pinned in a devenustate chase
    I am a deformed embryo from the womb to the mirror's lase
    They say beauty is not some dark phase

    I shook hands with the harvester ant
    Only to be clipped and plucked from the plant
    Scattered and wasted as a basket of bad fruit
    They say black berries are gastroenteritis infectant

    I eavesdrop from my carcass
    I hear the holler and the fire crackers
    I discern pearly dented angels singing the bingers
    They say the baptistry of purification is the geyser

    My soul is exorcised with embrocating pallets as a by-product of dark matter
    Barrels of bloodcurdling bubbles flow from my inner
    Deluging to the sides, uncontrolled, without stopper
    They say washboard in running water makes blemish cleaner

    There's someone in my head but it's not me
    Because they say the dead don't see.

    Image Credit: to rightful owner.

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    Your picture

    I opened an old album
    the one of those times,
    I felt emotions come crashing back in tides

    from the first days
    until more recent dates
    I scanned through briskly
    than stopped on her face

    the moments shocked silence
    my breathing was stunned
    I held up the picture;
    a smile as brilliant as the sun

    It took all control
    To not break down,
    forget what you held
    As the photo fell to the ground

    she stares up serenely;
    mystery expanding her eyes
    a desert embracing the flood breaking in, poured through my insides

    What she did harvest
    before we ever met?
    that thrived and sprung alive
    releasing all of lifes regret

    I listened and took that picture up with love,
    then I placed it in the blank empty album of us.