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    Room of Mirrors

    In my room of mirrors, I watch
    as the colors collide
    and the lights glare and glow.
    They bounce and shake and bend,
    stream into my pores and wash
    my eyes, the speed of silence in
    my ears; a minded deprivation
    of senses.
    Vertigo, before the euphoria-
    ego beamed away, burned off
    by glitzy beacons and florescent complexions-
    they sing to me, "surrender"-
    and I lose my existence amidst them.

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    I quest amidst the pages
    Of my old diary.
    And then I tear
    All the pages open,
    To find the tints of me
    I have hidden there.

    I scroll down my gallery
    Just to find a picture of mine,
    Talking to the sky and
    Dancing to the wind,
    I try very hard to pull
    That freedom out of the picture
    Which I crave for.

    I grope the wooden drawer
    And find his letters
    Where he promises of his love.
    I close my eyes to find that
    Sixteen years old me,
    Blushing and dreaming
    About erroneous fairytales.
    How I wish, I could stop her
    From being so innocent
    In this cruel selfish world.

    Everytime, I get lost
    In this fake world of fake people,
    I crawl back to those graves
    Where I have slaughtered
    And buried every part of me,
    Which I was taught,
    Doesn't deserve to breathe
    In this Universe.

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    When the sun set, it did so
    with a celebration of colours;
    The sky itself seemed to have played Holi.
    When summer bade goodbye, it did so
    with thunder and storm;
    Cosmic drums played the summer to sleep.
    When leaves fell, they did so
    with a burst of angry reds;
    The breeze carried the fire kissed ones away.
    When the moon disappeared, it did so
    with shape changing magic;
    The moon became Enchantress Extraordinaire.
    No one executes the final act of the play,
    the birth of an elegy,
    a tearfilled goodbye,
    a wistful farewell,
    with as much pomp and splendour as

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    Once a person digs deep into their soul
    They discover that most humans
    Are not inherently kind but are capable
    Of great acts of kindness once they are able
    To ignite a fire of compassion inside themselves
    And discover their benevolent side
    That they had not known ever before.
    It is this kindness , compassion and
    A want to be a part of a brotherhood,
    The ability to transcend all caste, colour and creed
    And other demarcations made by us that
    Differentiates us from all other animals
    And elevates the status of all humanity.


    Pic credit: Pinterest , picture credited to its rightful owner - Sweet rrramona

    31st of July , 2020

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    Natural State

    Compose, in repose,
    Those secrets you know,
    One drink, and it flows,
    Wherever it goes.
    Create, procrastinate,
    Whichever is your natural state,
    Let your inspiration stagnate,
    Like peeling paint on an iron gate,
    Influence, or in defiance,
    Throw aside your innocence,
    Stand up, use your sense,
    That's the only true recompense,
    Falsify, faster than the eye,
    Promises bourne, soon to die,
    From lips that love to lie,
    Wet with passion that quickly dries.

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    "The fall has just ended
    and with it the lives of the leaves.
    The winter was about to take charge,
    when it all happened.

    I remember,
    dried out leaves on the walkway
    and the crisp sound it made when I walked on them.
    The wind was chilly and started whispering to me.
    It was past 7.
    The orange-ish red sky turned maroon, slowly progressing towards darkness.

    I was walking towards you.
    With a red rose, chocolates and a surprise.
    I saw a young couple bickering with each other and the man just hugged her and apologized for not reaching to her sooner.
    I remembered us.

    I was crossing the street next to the park when I saw a woman being mugged.
    I remembered the time I didn't help and how you thought less of me.
    This time,
    I rushed in to help, the mugger had a knife.
    I never could have won.
    I got stabbed.
    But, you were just around the next exit.
    How could I have delayed you more?
    I walked, limpingly, the blood was camouflaged by my maroon shirt and I tried to hide it under my coat.

    When I saw you, the pain gave in to my happiness as I ran and hugged you.
    I took out the red rose from under my coat which was now coated in blood.
    I collapsed as soon as you took it.
    The pain kicked in again.
    And it kicked hard.
    I was happy in that moment cause, now you'd never say that I didn't get you a single rose.
    Even though you called to break up.
    I thought you deserved, atleast, one rose.

    I don't remember anything after it.
    But, I'm sorry.
    I'm sorry that now,
    you'd have a very distinct memory of me I guess.
    of roses and blood."
    #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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    Of roses and blood

    I remember,
    dried out leaves on the walkway
    and the crisp sound it made when I walked on them.
    It was past 7.
    The wind was chilly and started whispering to me.
    The orange-ish red sky turned maroon,
    slowly progressing towards darkness.
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    Violence has sinister aftermaths, peace has ethereal charms,

    So let's resort to humanity and bid FAREWELL to arms...

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    Past judgements, past belief
    Past mistakes, past grief
    Past happenings which chained
    Me with its memories
    I want to say farewell to my past.
    So I can move myself into present picture.

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    Sometimes it's just difficult to say goodbye to some people
    If I would have known that it was our last meet
    I would have hugged you tighter rather than just greet ❤️

    ----- Farewell -----

    When I look back now,
    I see those journeys and adore those beautiful days
    Which seemed to last forever, and if I had a choice
    I'd always want to be there!!

    You are among those few people
    who came into my life, stayed for a while
    But left a huge print on my soul forever.

    I remember, it started with a simple hello
    And somewhere in the middle
    We became the best of the friends
    The time we spent together
    Suffering and celebrating with each other
    Through the thick and thins,
    It will hard to say goodbye and
    Even harder watching you Leave.
    It is going to hurt when you are not around
    but you will always be there and I believe.

    But surely one day in some far off place
    When we'll cross each other's path,
    When we'll be sitting on a bench in park,
    We will say hello again
    And remember the past moment
    It'll soothe mind and calm my soul
    It'll be a memory which will last forever
    Untill we meet again.
    You will always be my favourite hello
    And hardest goodbye
    That's all I would say again!

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #hardestgoodbye #farethewell #farewell #writersnetwork #lovepoetry #pod

    Posted on: 31 July, 2020

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    I have played gracious hostess
    To wandering worries
    Prowling nightmares
    And obsessive memories;
    I have been a human haven
    A cozy shelter for despair
    Seeking refuge from confidence
    And catching happiness;
    But today, I turned out my guests
    A visit overstayed, indeed,
    My hospitality exclusive
    For the cheerful and content,
    So with light heart, I bid farewell
    To the pack of bitter spirit,
    Locking the gates
    Now to entertain,
    Delightful affections
    And crowds of frenzied joy.