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    and hate
    are two sides
    of the same coin;
    Maybe our love is just hate in disguise.


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    As soft
    As the clouds
    But she holds her
    Blessed power as fury of the storm


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    7 days, 7 realisation, 7 lessons

    I remember when Fantasy introduced reality to me.

    On the first day, my sense of reasoning got disoriented.
    On the second day, I realised the strongest friendships —could sink
    On the third day, I realised this world — was toxic.
    On the fourth day, it dawned on me — society would always be biased.
    On the fifth day, it hit me — we fight our toughest battles alone.
    On the sixth day,—depression hit.
    On the seventh day — Suicide no longer seemed scary.
    But after those seven days;
    I learnt no matter the blow or hit, I could bounce back—stronger, healthier and happier
    I Learnt, I could live without fake People
    I Learnt, I could be the breathe of fresh air in this toxic, the change it is in dire need of
    I learnt, society had no right to define me
    I accepted people were entitled to their opinions — but that didn't make them Right
    I realised, I found peace in being an island, than a toxic city.
    And lastly I realised
    I was, is and would always be able to embrace change, while maintaining my nature

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    Remedies in the Desert

    Monsters crawl beneath his skin,
    Controlling the tides in his mind
    Through the empty sprawl of this age

    They turn to dust
    When the youth lunges forward
    For sure remedies
    In the deserts of tomorrow

    They return to him
    Each Sunday morning
    Carrying the evils
    Of the night before

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.

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    Miracles , .... never happen

    Beneath the epidermis ,
    of sanity ,
    beneath the borrowed skin ,
    of integrity ,
    deep down somewhere
    intermixed with consistency ,
    inside every skeleton ,
    in the interior of every statue
    of bone and of flesh
    there's always one creature ,
    that at times resembles animals ,
    and at times imitates some power ,
    divine , or maybe pristine ,
    but that's a camouflage ,
    an illusion or just a fabricated mirage ,
    for , every moment ,
    in every possible aperture ,
    that hidden animal ,
    it tries to peep out ,
    virgin and naked ,
    as if it's really fond of its own
    birthday suit ,

    but ,
    we , as fellow travelers ,
    we , in most of the moments ,
    we are unaware ,
    of this hidden figure ,
    and we , not foolishly though ,
    fall , for that mask , for that borrowed face ,
    for that conviction , that isn't always there ,

    but , the destiny ,
    / idk if it's there something like that , /
    or the time , it comes to rescue ,
    to let us know ,the real thing ,
    the real face ,
    the true essence ,
    it's something like getting an eye-opener ,
    still , our thinking capacities ,
    that we flaunt ,
    for having blessed with , beneath the Sun ,
    they enter , for playing their part ,
    to carry , their role , in this collosal drama ,
    and to make us believe , in the goodness ,
    in those qualities , being human ,
    and we throw one more tantrum ,
    nobody is like that from birth ,
    and we try ,
    to sustain ourselves from the shock ,
    of treachery ,
    of deception ,
    of fraudulent behavior ,

    and here enters our role model of the day ,
    Miracle ,
    and we expect it to take birth ,
    via umpteen ways , of genesis ,
    through magic , of mere words ,
    via clutches fragile , of tender emotions ,
    with utilities , that have lost their sharpness ,
    and we keep waiting ,
    for this baby , of miracle , to he delivered ,

    and this doesn't end , with persons ,
    we carry this , to far extremes ,
    of opportunities , of achievements ,
    of happenings , of relationships ,
    of failures , of shortcomings ,
    we tend to wrap just everything ,
    in this miraculous wrapping , of a miracle ,


    // I know , this is sounding somewhat negative , but it's actually not , it's like standing in front of a real-time mirror //


    So then ,
    if it's not the way You can breed miracles ,
    then what's the plan , to have miracle happen in real ,

    as far as my thinking runs the length ,
    there's no free meal ,
    and hence there's no real miracle as such ,
    for ,
    however You cry ,
    about Life
    and it's adversities ,
    the grief
    and the melancholy ,
    beyond that every nest ,
    to hatch a miracle ,

    You need
    hardship ,
    and consistency ,

    You need to believe ,
    in this nature ,

    You need expertise ,
    to identify what's bad ,

    You require courage ,
    to stand , with every good ,

    You need skills ,
    to torn the cloak ,

    You need bravery ,
    to deny , waiting for miracle ,


    You need abilities ,
    to produce , out of nowhere ,
    something ,
    that's called
    Miracle ....

    For ,
    Miracles , never happen

    They need be crafted .....


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    maybe someday we will rhyme outside of a poem..

    #miracle @mirakee @writersnetwork
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    isn't it a miracle
    the way we form myriad almosts
    like the two sides of the river
    almost meeting
    like being tomorrows for each other
    always just a day away
    like being everything damn close
    and yet far enough
    to be an impossibility
    maybe we're too much of an art
    to ever belong to reality.

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    What falls beyond our comprehension and perspective is a truth
    waiting to be awakened to senses of the world.
    Some call it a debacle
    and some a miracle!


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    And surviving every time
    When hopes were lost...
    And rising every time
    After the holocaust...
    You proved
    Miracles do exist!!

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    In the maternity ward a hopeful mother and outside her husband and family waiting anxiously with bated breath. Suddenly the mother seized with pangs and crying out for the doctor. The baby inside her frantically kicking at her and gasping for air wanting to come out soon. The doctor rushing in to attend to them. Thus, life gives birth to a new life as the baby is finally out of the womb drenched in blood giving out a shrill cry. As the mother is handed her baby, she is relieved that her bundle of joy is finally out. Her happiness knows no bounds as she cradles it in her hands. Tears of joy trickling down her face. Her family rushing in to welcome the new born with open arms.


    In the isolation wards, each of the family member is quarantined. While their father is battling for life and death and is oblivious that his wife was lying in the hospital morgue. The parents and their unmarried daughter were actually left at the hands of their two sons. Forced to move from one home to another as though they were inanimate. Corona having made them realise their mistake. Alas, it was too late.

    A farmer crushed by indebtedness hangs himself.
    A depressed film star worried about his lackluster performance commits suicide.
    An aspiring student fears failure and decides to put an end to his life.
    An unrequited lover aghast he couldn't find love cuts off his veins or throws acid on the girl.

    //Isn't it ironic that it takes death to realise the value of life. Thus, life itself is the irony in our lives//

    //Let's just forgive and forget and live to our fullest with this beautiful miracle called life//


    #miracle @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #ironyc @writersbay #daadigotyourback

    Thanks you so much for the kind repost @writersbay ��

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    Miracle, Irony and everything in between. .

    Isn't it ironic in life that we fail to see that
    we and miracle are one and the same.!?


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    It's no less than a marvel,
    A thought like a living entity,
    Gathering and accumulating
    Words scattered in the galaxy
    And like a metamorphosis,
    More like a meticulous MIRACLE
    Transform them into literary
    Devices filled with feelings...