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    Love doesn't magically
    appear or vanish,
    it lives in souls,
    but never in a
    grave of bones.


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    The secret of success
    is consistency of purpose

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    autumn had plans for her
    to love her with all
    the colors of the
    fallen leaves.
    but she ran away with the winter
    a cold white kiss was all
    she ever wanted.

    No matter how hard you try, somethings aren't meant for you.

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    What’s tiring is how
    I wake up everyday
    to lifeless 12 hours
    before I can go to sleep again.
    What’s tiring is how
    all I wish to do is seal my lips and keep my thoughts to myself
    but I’m forced to smile and engage regardless.
    What’s tiring is how
    I clutch a pen in my hand
    ready to spill my thoughts
    but the paper ultimately remains vacant.
    Something tells me I couldn’t have described it any better.
    My mind, desperately trying to empty it’s contents.
    My heart, still foolishly trying to fill.
    The pages, still white.
    The soul, still black.
    And I now see, in grey.
    // Colours come back to me. //


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    But do I want to be free of it?

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    I wish to soar on the weightlessness
    Of long harbored ambition
    But growing up has strapped down my wings
    So that these dreams
    Seem like nothing more
    Than dead weight

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    Looking for a reason!!!

    Why I am blindly looking,
    Here and there,
    Why I seek for answers
    What I know exist everywhere.

    my silence is not, I know
    Substitute for my inner peace,
    My material sacrifice I know
    To you, Will not appease.

    If end and start are same
    And there is no direction or vision,
    Why such a circus,
    Wish I knew the reason.


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    Love of a different kind

    The pole star, disheartened,  and wary,  questioned the traveller,

    "Don't I guide you always,

    Wherever you are, wherever you go,

    But still you devalued me."

    The traveller looked puzzled,

    And gently asked,

    "Oh my lovable pole star,

    This world I wander,

    Alone, fearlessly,

    Coz you are there with me,

    Though from a distance,

    A reassurance I give myself,

    During the day time,

    And the cloudy nights.

    How can I devalue you? "

    The pole star replied,

    "When the moon is in its highest glory,

    Enticing you with its radiance, and charisma,

    You croon in its praise,

    Dance under its light,

    And I am forgotten."

    The traveller smiled,

    "The unfaltering love of yours,

    Brought tears in my eyes,

    Your jealousy is justified,

    But I love you both,

    The moon in its days of glory,

    And you on the rest of the days. "       

    The pole star screamed in disgust, 

    "That's why you are human, 

    A mortal who will die and perish, 

    And I live for eternity."

    The traveller listened to the scowl, 

    And hit his horse with a bait, 

    "Let's go Ralph, we have a long way to go."

    "Such are these humans, thankless betrayers."

    Sadly, thought the pole star, and continued shining the way it used to.

    Though something inside it dimmed a bit.

    Something that no one could see, or feel.

    But it continued to shine like it used to, 

    And guided the traveller as earlier.

    And smiled at itself-

    "Why should I forget my duty, 

    Integrity is a matter of character, 

    Humans have a history of losing it often, 

    In need and greed both, 

    That's why they are mortals, 

    And I live till eternity."

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    Perfect World

    And if we made the universe,
    Nothing would be different
    From the perfect world we live in,
    Because, from what I gather,
    We are each others' universe,
    And to me, you are perfect
    Like the flawless sapphires and diamonds
    That embellish the earth we stand upon
    And the sequin-silver stars
    That illuminate the sky we gaze upon.


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