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    For, all the souls
    who think one life
    is far too less
    They write stories.

    For, all the souls
    who think this world
    is far too small
    They dare dream.


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    // this too shall pass //

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    I try not to show
    but I don't really know
    if it's my soul that's tired
    or I am sleep deprived
    If there is too much dark
    or I am broken at heart
    If am feeling too much
    or I have been too numb
    If things are a lot to take
    or feeling deep is my mistake
    If the world is too ugly
    or I fail to see the beauty
    If I overthink things
    or to the sadness I cling
    If I should call for the help
    or shoud I try not to yelp
    but there is something wrong
    and I don't want it to prolong

    ©Khadija Chughtai

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    I drop
    Where knees
    To floor
    Out pour
    This my soul
    Upon a dark
    The pain within
    The agony
    That grips
    Rips away
    What once
    I thought
    Was true
    But there's
    Little left
    And I come
    To you
    In prayer
    That somewhere
    Light will grasp
    Open my soul
    Allow me
    To again be.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph

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    A Mindful Walk

    Pruning away the foliage,
    Brushing off overgrown
    Branches rooted in neglect,
    Left spots, see-through yet
    Too dense to paint a portrait
    Of Van Gogh's dandelions bloomed
    Across the field;
    Blinded, trudging in the mud,
    Of perennial rains eroding
    Hills to mounds of earth once
    Kissed the skies;
    Revisiting the Eden of childhood,
    Laid to ruin, desolate in
    The Pandemonium enveloping my verdant
    Forest- no sun-kissed gravel paths,
    Mere clumped dirt from which I
    Rose again, and again, as a
    Phoenix to burst in flames anew
    And raze the stoic saplings sprawled,
    Now carcasses of vigour spurned.

    A walk alone in solitude and
    Thought, of ruminations permeating
    As sunshine shirked in the
    Absence of its vitality;
    Unknown when forgotten,
    Deserted and despondent, lay
    Dozing dreamless in automation-
    Mirages no longer deceive
    The inveigled and beguiled
    Pastures devoid of sustenance;
    For once a thriving thicket, turmoiled,
    Lost in reveries as I, for
    Wherefore the produce of an idle
    Mind finds supple twigs to
    Nourish and supply,
    Thrive and now bestow a
    Breath of life, a stable system of
    Support when ravaged
    By unthinking eyes?

    A walk to home, where
    Destitution marks itself in
    Pathless ways, never trod on,
    Cured or glimpsed at,
    Fearful sighs had locked the
    Gate- now as conscious thought
    Decides to recollect, retrace
    My steps, youth abandoned sense
    That nurtured paddocks; joyously embrace.

    Though I walk alone through leafage,
    Writ with unremembered past,
    Flash-flood evocations prodding
    Slumbered reason stirs at last.

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    Love doesn't magically
    appear or vanish,
    it lives in souls,
    but never in a
    grave of bones.


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    The secret of success
    is consistency of purpose