• jubilation_but_despair 5w

    It's okay. I know sometimes it feels as if nothing would ever make a turn for the better but trust me, with every hardship, there is ease. After every storm, there's a rainbow. It may feel like you can not survive this situation right now but surely, better days are coming. All it requires is patience. There are people who truly care about you and value you. You are not alone. You are never alone. Think about all the moments you would miss out on if you take your life. My friend, I am here for you, to help you. Life can get rough but this rough path won't last forever. Smile, because happiness is on it's way. My dear, don't despair, because sadness is going to go away. Your tears of sadness will soon turn into tears of happiness. Hope is here to take your hand and pull you out of this darkness and take you towards the light of a better tomorrow. So, always remember, you are loved, you are not alone and hope is aways there, you just have to find it. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Stay strong, My friend. Thankyou for being alive.

    -Ayla Fayyaz