• thinkofmelaterinlife 24w

    Send Me A Angel!

    Yeah send me a angel hope god can send me prayers,
    These people are fighting for themselves saving the world and I gotta see what they doing,
    Vietnam, Civil War, World War 1, Battling taking each other lives by the guns but some just don’t understand,
    They take nazis Japan China Korea, ISIS, Those Terrorist we gotta defeat,
    I’m a king I’m undefeated though we gotta throw our hands in air cuz I’m trying to see the colors,
    Red White And Blue with Stars that shine bright glistening to us beaming up out Shooting,
    Remembering the loss of all those who served to protected us,
    Those buried famous people went hard for the fight saving us but we still active in war.

    Send Me A Angel
    Thought of you when I needed a prayer,
    Send Me A Angel
    People are people and we gotta respect, represent the people who fought in wars,
    Send Me A Angel
    God I hope you sending those who had saw their own loved ones get dropped in dirt,
    Happy 4th of July, I’m celebrating showing my respects.