• oyindasola 5w

    A poem dedicated to the need and craving for personal peace in this escalating pandemic ❤
    #we'llgetthroughthis #preventionisbetterthancure

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    The depressed ones:

    Fear feeds on their doubt
    they are insecure and uncertain
    hiding behind smiles
    with worn out souls
    they seem strong
    but are weak
    they are unable to rest
    constantly worrying
    about a past they cannot correct
    a present they cannot conserve
    and a future that they haven't met
    but is as uncertain as the questions
    laid to rest
    they lust after solitude and peace
    serenity and calmness
    a sense of security that has slowly
    faded away
    along with their hope and desires
    because now the world is in turmoil
    a state of complete uncertainty and
    in the midst of these are them
    those stranded in the midst of a war
    without ammunitions

    They are restless tired of fighting the
    same battles
    their mind becoming weaker
    time becoming slimmer
    their thread of endurance burning
    screaming out 'please no more
    they need it- their personal peace
    they need to breathe fresh air
    without fear of losing themselves
    this insecurity and doubt
    make them crave to the south
    for a peace they cannot survive
    day by day, their hope withers like
    flowers in winter
    as well as their stability and sanity
    they crave for it -emotional stability
    they want their peace!
    their smile! their freedom!
    the pressure mounting on them
    is just too much to bear

    'how much longer' they ask
    in the midst of Solemn thoughts
    for they need their peace
    they are in dire need
    We are in dire need, to grasp our
    personal peace once again