• kritijhaknowsitall 21w


    It's because of you that every right seems wrong,
    And I know my words might sound a little too strong,
    But I want this memory to stay with me for long,
    You are free to go just hold me till the dawn.

    If I could describe you by using all the phrases in the world,
    I don't think all my words will be enough to be heard,
    And this feeling of being addicted to you to them might seem absurd,
    But the way you make me feel alive again how can it be covered.

    It's how you accept all these flaws that I wish to remove if possible,
    And to walk down the streets in the night without holding your hand I'm capable,
    This is weird how with you I feel extremely fragile when before I was so indestructible,
    This is a kind of weakness which I feel for me is adaptable.

    I want to read you like you are my favourite novel page by page,
    My words aren't a result of my thoughts they come from these feelings you gave me I can't change,
    They say I'm too attached to you it's like I'm stuck in your heart's cage,
    I'm gonna be honest this feels better than freedom it feels too good for me to escape.